Glendinning is wholly committed to managing and developing its operations in a sustainable manner for the benefit of its customers and communities across the Westcountry and beyond. Our goalsfor sustainability cross all areas of our business as follows:

Our Products

Glendinning strive to manufacture in an environmentally responsible manner and we source products and services locally wherever possible.

Our commitment to sourcing locally is also reflected in our support for the principle of reducing the distance that minerals travel across the UK by encouraging companies and individuals to buy locally, thus reducing carbon consumption.

The UK Government has set a target to decarbonise the UK economy by 80% by 2050. The minerals industry certainly has its own part to play with the transportation of minerals accounting for just over 32% of the industry’s CO2 output.

The UK Mineral’s Forum report, September 2009, outlines two potential approaches to trying to reduce the distance minerals travel, as follows:

Tougher planning policies to reinforce the proximity principle by giving preference or greater weight to using local sources, notably for aggregates, which are widely available; and Intervention to give preference or added weight to local sources for minerals. Therefore, an effective method of reducing your carbon footprint is to buy locally – source your building products from a local manufacturer.

We are actively involved in the reprocessing of site arisings and road planings, and can offer recycled products as viable alternatives to those made with quarried stone, thus reducing the demand for new primary

raw materials. In addition to this, we have also developed a cold-lay asphalt material which utilises recycled products. Find out more about Enviromat™.

Our Environment

Glendinning is committed to being a responsible operator and a good neighbour in the locality. However, with ever-increasing environmental legislation, customer enquiries and public interest, having a good track record is no longer enough to publicly demonstrate our environmental performance. So, we decided to implement a formal environmental management system and were proud to achieve the ISO 14001 standard in March 2011.

The granting of this standard will recognise existing sustainable practices benchmarked in 2008 with the help of the Carbon Trust.

Our People

Without the commitment and skill of our employees, Glendinning would not be able to deliver its products and services to you. Our high level of investment in training ensures quality and service excellence as well as helping to keep our workplaces safe.

For more information see Our People.

Our Community

The Glendinning business is rooted in the Westcountry and the family has always been committed to ‘giving back’ to the community in which we live and work, particularly in the field of education and youth development.

Over the years we have maintained a very strong involvement with South Dartmoor Community College, we have sponsored a Youth Development project at Newton Abbot Rugby Club and we regularly entertain visitors to Linhay Hill Quarry – from the youngest pupils at our nearest school, Ashburton Primary School, to undergraduate engineers and geologists who come to study the Devonian limestone formation of Linhay Hill.