We are able to produce a range of traditional sand cement screeds at our Exeter plant and also our Ashburton and Plymouth plants are capable of producing bedding screeds. In addition, we have a plant at Ashburton dedicated to the production of Speedscreed, our flowing screed product.

Our sand cement screeds are sold by volume but are delivered in tipper lorries when required. Speedscreed is delivered in standard ready mix trucks.

Sand/Cement Screeds
  • Floor screeds
  • Bedding screeds

Our sand cement screeds are ready and easy to use, require minimum preparation and can be retarded to ensure 12-hour workability. We can also add polypropylene fibres for increased reinforcement if required.

Flowing Screeds
  • Speedscreed – download brochure
  • Speedscreed Thermio – developed for overlaying underfloor heating.
  • Speedscreed Excelio – developed for thin floor construction solutions.

Speedscreed is a free flowing floor screed, suitable for placing by chute or pump, which significantly increases the speed of application compared to traditional screeds.