Bagged Products

Glendinning are able to supply a range of aggregate products in bags that can be used in decorative and construction applications.

  • Our decorative products include Dorset flint gravel.
  • Our base products include building sand, 20mm all-in ballast, limestone single sizes and Type 1 803 for various construction uses.

All of our aggregate products can be collected or delivered in handy 25kg bags and bulk bags (850kg approx.) direct to site.


The standard range of products we carry in stock includes:

  • Cement - 25kg
  • 10mm Pipe bedding - 25kg & bulk bag
  • 14mm single size aggregate - 25kg & bulk bag
  • 40mm & 20mm Single size aggregates - bulk bags
  • 20mm sand all-in - 25kg & bulk bag
  • Type 1 Sub-base/40 & 20mm scalpings - bulk bags
  • Washed Flint gravel - 25kg & bulk bag
  • Red blended & Silver Sands - 25kg & bulk bags

Other products can be made available in bags, but at least 48 hours’ notice is required to complete the order. Please contact our sales team if you require any further advice or information 01364 652601.

20mm sand all-in

10mm Pipe bedding

Silver Sand

Washed Flint gravel

25kg bags of Silver Sands