Dedicated to Quality

We set the highest standards for the quality of the products and services we supply and to demonstrate this we subject many of our product lines to external auditing by BSI to ensure we comply with the relevant standards.

The supply and manufacture of ready mixed concrete from batching plants in Ashburton, Exeter and Plymouth is quality assured to ISO 9001. The concrete supplied conforms to BS 8500-2 and carries the prestigious kitemark logo; a symbol of product conformity.

Asphalt produced and supplied from Linhay Hill Quarry and Pigsdon Quarry are also quality assured to ISO 9001 and are produced to meet the requirements of BS EN 13108.

Concrete blocks meet the requirements of BS EN 771 – 3.

Our Contracting Division holds certification for the National Highways Sector 16 Scheme for the laying of asphalt mixes and Sector 12D Scheme for traffic management.

All the company's other products are tested to ensure their compliance with the appropriate European Standards, Specification for Highway Works or other nationally recognised standards.

All products manufactured under harmonised European (EN) Standards are now available with CE certification (link to download) on request.

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