Glendinning manufacture a full range of asphalt products from our plants at Linhay (Ashburton) and Pigsdon (Bude) quarries. These include fully quality assured products from asphalt concrete base and binder courses to asphalt concrete, hot rolled asphalts and stone mastic asphalt surface courses and our own proprietary products for specialised uses. We are able to manufacture all mixes in both limestone and hardstone aggregates with a variety of bitumen grades. These products are supported by our own experienced technical team with in-house laboratory facilities, ensuring you get the best quality asphalt every time.

Our asphalt plants are also supported by our own fleet of vehicle transport which include 10 tonne, 16 tonne, 20 tonne and even 29 tonne carrying capacity. It should also be noted that both Linhay and Pigsdon asphalt plants have capability for collected asphalt and can produce all mixes in a minimum of 1 tonne drop.

The modern asphalt plant facility at Ashburton also has the capability and necessary permissions to operate 24x7, enabling us to supply works at your convenience.