Frequently asked questions

Asphalt FAQs

Can I lay asphalt when it is raining?

Generally base and binder courses can be laid in light rain, however NOT on icy ground or standing water.  Dry weather is preferred for surface course mixtures.

What coverage will I get from a tonne of asphalt?

Please phone our sales or technical teams for advice.

What is the smallest amount you will deliver?

We can deliver a minimum of 3 tonnes to site. Should you wish to collect please pre-book with our weighbridge staff to collect a minimum of 1 tonne of standard base, binder and surface courses, and 1.5 tonnes of SMA mixes. Please note you will need to be equipped with standard PPE – flashing beacon, hard hat, hi visibility jacket and steel toe-capped footwear.

How soon can you deliver?

Generally 2 – 3 days delivery is sufficient please phone our distribution team who will always do their best to accommodate you.

What size width clearance do I need to allow access for delivery trucks?

The majority of our trucks require a minimum of 2.75m (9’)width clearance to enable us to deliver but if in doubt ask, we can check out access if required.

Is there a discount for large quantities?

Please phone the sales team for a quotation.

How much notice do I need to give?

Generally 2 - 3 days’ notice is sufficient, please contact our weighbridge staff who will do their best to accommodate you.

Do you deliver on Saturdays?

We do deliver on Saturdays but please give plenty of notice as minimum tonnages are required for these products.

How long will the truck be on site before I start to incur additional charges?

We allow 30 minutes on site to discharge the material.  Should you require more time please let us know in advance and we will charge you at the ‘booked rate’ which is cheaper than the ‘non-booked rate’.  This is done to facilitate the planning of deliveries throughout the day. We charge to the nearest quarter of an hour, and will refund any time prepaid but unused.

Is there a discount for large quantities?

Please phone the sales team for a quotation.

How can I pay?

Being a perishable product we require payment prior to batching the material.  This is usually done by card payment over the phone. We do not accept cheques.