Aggregate from Pigsdon Quarry

Frequently asked questions

Aggregate from Pigsdon Quarry

What coverage can I expect from a tonne of building stone?

1 tonne will cover 3 square metres approximately.

What would be the best product to dress a driveway with?

We would recommend using 20mm single size for this, anything smaller would not be suitable as it tends to stick to the tyre treads and even your shoes.

After placing my order how long can I expect for my delivery?

We aim to deliver to our customers within 1-3 days of the order being placed.  Deliveries start at 7am until 5pm offering plenty of flexibility for you.

What size truck do you use for deliveries?

We are able to deliver in the following trucks:

  • 4 wheeler carrying 10.800 tonne, gross weight 18.000 tonne
  • 6 wheeler carrying 15.700 tonne, gross weight 26.000 tonne
  • 8 wheeler carrying 20.300 tonne, gross weight 32.000 tonne
  • Artic carrying 29.200 tonne, gross weight 44.000 tonne

We can deliver part loads also, please ring for details

What size width clearance do I need to allow access for delivery trucks?

The majority of our trucks in most cases require a minimum of 2.75m (9’) width clearance to enable us to deliver but if in doubt ask, we can check out access if required.

How can I pay for my aggregate?

We can take card details over the phone and complete the transaction when the material is weighed out over our weighbridge.  We do not accept cheques.

How many tonnes are in a cubic metre?

We usually work on an approximate figure of 1.6 tonnes to a cubic metre.